miércoles, 28 de enero de 2009

Una cita de DJ Spooky Interview with Carlo Simula for his book MILLESUONI. OMAGGIO A DELEUZE E GUATTARI (Cronopio Edizioni)

"Essentially, for me, music is a metaphor, a tool for reflection. We need to think of music as information, not simply as rhythms, but as codes for aesthetic translation between blurred categories that have slowly become more and more obsolete. For me, the Dj metaphor is about thinking around the concept of collage and its place in the everyday world of information, computational modelling, and conceptual art...but the basic sense of "rhizomatic" thought - thinking in meshworks, in nets that extend to other nets - it's the driving force of my music and art. I think it's a great place to start thinking about a philosophy of "the remix." The "remix" is about certain kinds of polyphony - it's about making multiple rhythms work together, synchronized, cut, pasted, and collaged. That's the real "abstract machine"..."

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